Two Thousand Review

Wilfred Brandt

Club Donny #6

“Is it because of the internet? Seems like printed publications are responding to the new varied formats for and access to content with increasingly inventive niche publications. Either that or magazine makers just suddenly decided after many decades of stasis to evolve overnight.

Club Donny develops an impressive range of content on their stated topic: “the personal experience of nature in the urban environment”. In Donny-world, this encompasses a holiday in the French countryside, Google Earth’s representations of Lagos, architecture, extensive writing on bamboo (including recipes), haikus, impressionism, inner-city nurseries, and more. Not what you’d expect. Plus, these essays are imaginative enough to make you question why “creative writing” often only applies to fiction.

Based in Amsterdam, Donny‘s content ain’t the only thing refreshingly unfixed. Comprised of unstapled pages of varying stocks, pull Donny apart, and reconfigure to your own liking, providing the opportunity – and encouraging the possibility – of looking at everything herein from multiple perspectives. Simply put, Club Donny is a great little publication to get stuck into.”