Variegata Plant Folly @ Marres

Second location
when January 2012 - ongoing  where Marres - Centre for Contemporary Culture  with production: Kim van der Hoeven, Ron Steiner. Commissioned by Marres.  link  

After six months of abundant growing followed by an colorful autumnal decay, the Plant Folly got dismantled, the Mediterranean plants were given away to Venetian plantlovers and the more hardy species were packed in containers and traveled in the dark to their new destination: the enclosed terraced garden of Marres – Centre for Contemporary Culture, at the center of Maastricht. In the upper terrace in the shade of an old Taxus tree and a front of an old Ice house, a folly in itself, the Plant Folly comes to rest and starts a second life as keeper of plants (here merely ferns and hostas) and as a hidden meeting place. Contemplative, as it meant to be.