Table II: Timbre

A vernacular woodscape assembled in commission.
when May 16 - August 10, 2014  where Exhibition HOUT/WOOD at Het Nieuwe Instituut  with Curator: Dan Handel, Co-curating and exhibition design: Jannetje in 't Veld, Toon Koehorst. Photography: Labadie/Van Tour  link Het Nieuwe Instituut,  

An installation in wood on the cyclic nature of materials, places and crafts.

Tree: bamboo, balsa, birch, beech, cedar, lemon, pine, douglas pine, ebony, maple, oak, ash, Norway spruce, golden chain, elm, cinnamon, coconut, mahogany, poplar.

Technique: braided, branded, chiseled, cut, curved, glued, knotted, laced, leached, veneered, milled, nailed, painted, pressed, planed, oiled, sanded, stained, twisted, stamped.

The installation is especially commissioned for the exhibition HOUT/WOOD, that also showcases works by Aldo Bakker, Eelco Brand, Charles & Ray Eames, Chris Kabel, Lex Pott, Cedric Price, Bethan Laura Wood, Lukas Oleniuk, Onix, SeARCH, Hendrik Wijdeveld, James Wines and others. Their work is presented in a context of historical, cultural and societal references.

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