Rest Rust (secret garden / public secrets)

an urban garden intervention in the shipyard of Gdansk
when 25 May - 30 September 2012  where Gdansk, Poland  link,  

Slow urban garden project in the backyard of the art institute Wyspa at the famous shipyard of Gdansk (where Lech Wałęsa started the Solidarność movement in 1980). The project was an ongoing performance in the summer of 2012, growing in time and animating the specific nature of the legendary harborscape of Gdansk. The careful sowing of a pile of rubble with fast-growing Nasturtia turned the construction waste into a garden. Rubbish into nature, honoring the post war rubble women (Trümmerfrauen) of Gdansk.

The project is part of the art manifestation Alternativa which lasted the whole summer.