Testbed on the reparation of nature in an urban environment
when 2009 - ongoing  where Amsterdam Zuidoost, D-buurt  with Anne Holtrop Architect, Projectbureau Vernieuwing Bijlmermeer. Commissioned by evdh, studio for the urban landscape  link,,   

The test bed project RepairPark was an empirical complement to the previous project Fieldwork initiated by EVDH, studio for the urban landscape and subsidized by the The Netherlands Foundation for Visual Arts, Design and Architecture (Fonds BKVB). It aimed to give meaning with a minimum of resources to utilization of undeveloped (waste) land in and around urban areas. The project had an ecological, social and cultural objective.

RepairPark promoted a more conscious approach to deal with derelict land in urban areas. It provided a precedent for a situation in which locals can nurture the land as they wish, freed from the regular systematic thinking of urban planners and developers.

Of course the project was also about growing cities and the increasing significance of nature in the urban environment. An adjacent effect could be to improve the image to city planners and developers. Only by taking responsibility on undeveloped land, land in transit and sites awaiting construction, can the promise of renewal and change be met and the crippling effect of a static and aggressively fenced building site be broken.

Martijn van Nieuwenhuijzen on RepairPark, May 24th 2010
“My friend Ernst van der Hoeven, publisher of Club Donny, ‘the strictly unedited journal on the personal experience of nature in the urban environment’, is developing a piece of land in de Bijlmer neigbourhood in Amsterdam. It is an area that formerly framed a typical Bijlmer high rise housing estate. Now the buildings are gone and nature is taking over, guided by Ernst. On a daily basis he is sowing, mowing, planting, watering – slowly creating his almost Jarmanesque garden. It is an extraordinary experience to see him going about alone at that vast piece of land. Soon a blog will be published, enabling you to follow how the green unfolds. But it is better to take your bike and see for yourself. In the ‘D buurt’, behind Florijn”.