Dahlia Drive

A building site intervention
when 10 – 13 September 2009  where Flux/S Drafts Establishing Future, First edition International Arts Festival  with Frank Bruggeman  link 2009.flux-s.nl   

A building site is drab, grey and sandy. This can even be said of such a monumental building site as Strijp-S. So it can use a little colour, as a prelude to the colour that future inhabitants will bring with them. At the invitation of MU, Flux/S and housing Woonbedrijf, the artist Frank Bruggeman and the landscape architect Ernst van der Hoeven conceived a ‘Dahlia Drive’, lying alongside one of the sandy avenues around the NatLab building. Here, 50 different varieties of dahlia, from Honkas to Caribbean Delights and from Stolze von Berlin to Chat Noirs, will flourish between July and November.

Amid the violence of excavators, bulldozers and building material these vulnerable flowers are gradually conquering Strijp-S. ‘Dahlia Drive’ is not just any old dahlia garden; it is more a tiny oasis, a labyrinth of circling footpaths for visitors to stroll among the various dahlia borders. Because however grey and rough this Strijp-S building site now is, ultimately these are grounds meant for people. And for nature. And according to Bruggeman and Van der Hoeven, nature does not have to be neatly raked to be convincingly beautiful. With the help of redundant building material and devoted voluntary gardeners, you can give a plot of land identity, and a face of its own.