Corporate art in public space
when November 2007- November 2009  where Mahler IV, Zuidas, Amsterdam  with Participating artists, (see below). Commissioned by: Virtueel Museum Zuidas, The VBCN (the Netherlands Association of Corporate Art collections)  link www.vbcn.nl, www.virtueel-museum.nl  

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An exhibition of art from corporate collections displayed in a dynamic urban setting in the heart of the Amsterdam Zuidas business district was opened on Thursday, 22 November 2007. The exhibition features sculptures by Fernando Sánchez Castillo, Charlie Roberts, Tony Cragg, Sjoerd Buisman, Ewerdt Hilgemann, Henk Visch and Rob Voerman and photography and video works by Thomas Ruff and Julika Rudelius. Energeia also showcases installations created especially for this location, such as the work by Frank BruggemanThe sculpture exhibition was realised through a unique alliance of the Vereniging Bedrijfscollecties Nederland (Netherlands Association of Corporate Art Collections – VBCN) and the Stichting Virtueel Museum Zuidas (Zuidas Virtual Museum Foundation). Independent curator Ernst van der Hoeven conceived the Energeia theme that served as the basis for selecting the works for this partnership. The Energeia theme demonstrates that Zuidas, an area of Amsterdam that has ultra-urban ambitions, is more than just a business district under development. Energeia places growth in a different perspective than simply the pursuit of development and urban success. It is a perspective that invites you to broaden your horizon. Thanks to a unique fusion of nature and culture, Energeia complements the image of a city in the making.

In addition to Rabobank’s participation, Rabo Bouwfonds, ING, ABN Amro, Aegon, Akzo Nobel, Fortis, KPN and SNS Reaal Fonds are also participating in Energeia and some of these organisations wanted to take part in the exhibition even though they do not have offices located in the Zuidas area. The unique alliance of corporate collections united within the VBCN is further symbolised by the collective lease of the artwork Machines, 2006, by Polish artist Lucasz Skapski. This tractor crystallises a collective memory by uniting the experiences of many generations of users. It stands as a robust symbol for the development of our environment.

The aim is for the sculpture line to take on a continuous character. Another edition of this initiative could be held once every two years with the assistance of an external curator and a new theme. This would enable the art to develop with Zuidas on its path to maturity.

About ‘Forever’ by Juli Fore:
A number of well-dressed American women, lounging by the swimming pool in a deck chair or strolling in the garden, take turns in this double-screen installation. Each individually they tell us what matters to them, what makes them happy and how they see themselves. The women in ‘Forever’ are mostly talking about their outer appearance. And yet, inner beauty is what is most important, says one of them, ‘although that is reflected by someone’s looks,’ she adds. Does she mean that what it is about is the preservation of external beauty, which is after all the reflection of the unchangeable inner self? It is difficult to guess how old they are exactly. Nevertheless, the dark, slightly worn voice that we hear when we see a girlish figure with streaming hair sitting there in a little pink summer dress, betrays that this cannot possibly be a young woman of around thirty. They take photos of themselves with a self-timer. The camera of the filmmaker always cautiously keeps its distance. The carefully created illusion of the age of their choice is not undermined anywhere just to make the image ‘more realistic’. ‘Forever’ is a portrait of the way these women want to see themselves, and of the way they want us to see them if a filmmaker should portray them. Rudelius graciously gives them the chance. Fifteen minutes of fame. Forever as young as they were then, with the promise of the future preserved.
Participating companies and artists:
ABN AMRO Rob Voerman, Annex #4, 2007
AEGON Ewerdt Hilgemann, Double implosion, 2005
Akzo Nobel Charlie Roberts, Cigar Shop Heidi, 2007
Rabo Bouwfonds Frank Bruggeman, Dutchscape/Nomad#1, 2007
Tony Cragg, Early Forms, 1993
Fortis Henk Visch, Once Again, multiple, 2006
ING Sjoerd Buisman, Ouroboros Arborum, 2007
Thomas Ruff, Portret (K. Eckert), 2001, (ed.1/4), Portret (S. Ergolovitch), 1998, (ed.2/4)
KPN Julika Rudelius, Forever, 2006 en Economisch primaat, 2005
Thomas Ruff, Portret (F. Thiell), 1998, (ed.1/4), Portret (A. Zeitler), 1998, (ed.2/4)
Rabobank Fernando Sánchez Castillo, Anamnesis, 2003
SNS Reaal Lukasz Skapski, Machines 1 – Drivers, 2006
VBCN Lukasz Skapski, Poolse traktor