Collecting Holland

an empiric outdoor research project on the Dutch part of the new high speed train track from Amsterdam to Paris
when first semester 2009  where Gerrit Rietveld Academy, Amsterdam  with Nelly Voorhuis (Atelier HSL), Linda van Deursen and Pieter Verbeke (Rietveld Academy, Graphic Department), Robin Rimbaud (Scanner). Commissioned by Atelier HSL  link,, ,  

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The project – in line with the earlier mapping project ‘Marking Europe High Speed’ by LUST – aims to be an overall study of Dutch life in the South Western part of the Netherlands. It embraces all kinds of content collected in various ways. It could be data as acknowledgement of things you know already or on the contrary, data which reveals or surprises. It could be information found in cities, villages or in the countryside, or from woods and the open fields. It could be facts deduced from air, water and soil. The mental and physical conclusions drawn from different angels and perspectives and experienced in different paces such as hiking, biking, driving and flying. Sometimes these conclusions can surprise, or confirm our preconceived notions. But most important these facts and outlooks empower our imagination and enrich our conceptual universe.