art on the boundaries of culture and nature
when Sept – Oct 2008  where Museum Boijmans van Beuningen, Festival Witte de With, Rotterdam  with Frank Bruggeman  

Borders shows twelve works on how nature can be experienced in an urban context or vice versa, the experience of the artificial in a natural environment. In our domesticated world where unspoiled nature can be seriously lacking, the boundary between nature and culture is a gray area. Art imitates nature or is nature influenced by art? In the laboratory-like presentation, melt audiovisual contributions, performances, photography, painting and sculpture from fourteen contemporary artists in a organic way. During the festival ‘De Wereld van Witte de With’ Museum Boijmans van Beuningen presents the exhibition Borders with fourteen installations by contemporary artists.

Participating artists
Joost Benthem (Roermond, 1978)
Alexandra Bircken (Keulen, 1967)
Frank Bruggeman (Noordoostpolder,1966)
Krijn Christiaansen (Tilburg,1978)
Erwin Driessens (Wessem,1963)
Daan van Golden (Rotterdam,1936)
Bart Gorter (Hoogkerk,1963)
Roderick Hietbrink (Gorssel,1975)
Arnoud Holleman (Haarlem,1964)
Gina Kranendonk (Rotterdam, 1965)
Cathelijne Montens (Waalwijk,1978)
Fernando Sánchez Castillo (Madrid,1970)
Hidde van Schie (Rotterdam, 1978)
Maria Verstappen (Someren,1964)