Priona Gardens

Part of the think tank for the revitalisation of Priona Gardens
when 2010  where Priona Gardens Schuinesloot  with Guus Beumer (Marres), Heilien Tonckens, Gitta Luiten (Mondriaan Stichting), Alexander van der Slobbe. Commissioned by: Guus Beumer (Marres)  link,  

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This garden is unique in its honest philosophy, rich and surprising planting plan and somewhat whimsical composition laid out as a series of enclosed garden rooms: Boulder Garden, Orpine Garden, Hochstaudenflur, Woodland, Butterfly garden, Water garden, Long Border, Wild flower meadow, All American garden, Herb garden, Poppy garden, Rock garden, Grass garden.

The garden can be read as an mental island of native and exotic plant species that form a harmonic biotope, where the sensibility of years of workmanship and experimentation have produced an intricate lacework contrasting with the rationalised agricultural region.

The Dilemma:
Should we keep the integrity and original philosophy of the founding fathers, Henk Gerritsen and Anton Schlepers, alive and how will this be achieved without their daily presence and knowledge?
Or is the skeleton of this garden in itself rich enough to adapt and evolve into new interpretations, true to the natural processes in nature