Art and Design consultant. 2002-2008

Consultant for KPN Royal Telecommunication of the Netherlands, providing Consulting and Project Management.

KPN Broadcast tower/Light sculpture – ‘White Noise’ by Giny Vos. Commissioned by KPN, Virtueel Museum.,

The work ‘White Noise’ by Giny Vos was opened with a Big Bang in front of the telecommunications tower on the Zuidas in Amsterdam. As dusk falls, a constantly changing image made up of stars and planets will appear on the tower. A twinkling universe, through which meteorites zoom and in which small explosions take place. Sometimes, codes made up of letters and figures appear in this universe, as signs of human communication.

White Noise was created for the Virtueel Museum Zuidas [Zuidas Virtual Museum] and KPN Zuidas Amsterdam. The transmitter mast was designed by Christof Schwencke (AGS Schwencke Rosbach Architects), technical realisation by Rena Elektronica bv and animation by Bram Verhavert. Photo: Gert Jan van Rooij.

KPN Campus Site analysis (November 2007). With De Jong Gortemaker Algra architecten (office Amsterdam Teleport), ZUS Zones Urbaines Sensibles. Commissioned by KPN Art and Design Department, KPN Corporate Communications, KPN Design Board, KPN Real Estate Services.

“Since the completion of the Telecom-square, KPN and its corporate culture have been through some structural changes. The current headquarters do not reflect the new dynamic and multimedial identity of the KPN brand. The public and semi-public spaces on the square are void of activity. This is accentuated by the division in green spaces and infrastructure. It is a missed opportunity that it doesn’t express the liveliness of 3000 people working inside.
The new KPN landscape accentuates the red brick architecture and by doing so changes the institutional character into a recognizable contemporary occupyable space. By subsequently re-programming the public domain and design for actual use, a higher level of dynamics can be achieved. The moments of encounter, inside as well as out, are stimulated. The KPN identity becomes reality”. author ZUS

KPN in Vorm (October 2005). Parametres for the strategic design policy. (Kaders voor een strategisch vormgevingsbeleid)

Other Projects

Various office locations Amsterdam (Teleport), The Hague (Head Office Telecomplein Complex), Utrecht (Papendorp), Zwolle (Office Complex Carré Hanzeland)