Eindhoven Surprising Green

Exploration, documentation and mapping, Green Spaces, Eindhoven
when February - March 2010  where Eindhoven, Dommelvallei  with Frank Bruggeman. Commissioned by: Boudewijn Tooren, Programme Manager, Groen en Recreatie, gemeente Eindhoven  

In the green appearance of Eindhoven the Dommel River plays an important role as it meanders through the entire city. This not only determines the specific character of the rugged green city but is also a major artery, to which various parts of the city organically derive their coherence and structure.

In the image of Eindhoven the Dommel has many guises: from high-channeled river embankments with expressionist brick bridges to naturally sloping riverbanks with wild planting, from a domesticated waterway to a fast flowing river that finally reaches the calmness of a babbling brook.

We find cultivated areas with rich natural values and a vital biodiversity. There is room for nature and culture, but also focuses on education, sport and recreation.

In the city centre near the Van Abbe Museum, the cultivated plants of Piet Oudolf’s flower garden melt in a natural way into wilder vegetation along the banks. There is a subtle balance created between cultivated and natural vegetation, between nature and culture, between considered planning and spontaneous growth, nurturing and allowing the wilderness to drift.

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