BNA Royal Institute of Dutch Architects

Project Management of Interior for new main office in Amsterdam
when 2008  where Amsterdam, IJoevers  with B A R / architecten Van Mourik, Joost Glissenaar, Klaas van der Molen, Commissioned by: M.H. Cornips director BNA  link,,  

The relocation from a stately yet formal canal office into a brand new general office with a panoramic view over the IJ. A move which also befits the transformation of the organization. From dusty rooms to a transparent and open space, with fewer islands to encourage communication. A framework of transparent blocks. Within the anonymous office building is a new face for the Royal Institute of Dutch Architects. Central to the rectangular room are a series of spaces, housing storage rooms, a conference room, library and concentrated work space.

The walls of these spaces are transparent, translucent and sometimes constructed from full floor to ceiling height wall cabinets. Through the arrangement of the blocks organized spaces are created for the various sections of the BNA. Since all spaces focus around the central area the sweeping views over the IJ are emphasized.

Materials and details are based on the specific use, each space has its own transparency and detail. The seemingly casual arrangement of the space presents unpredictable encounters between materials. High gloss combined with apathy, mirroring is next transparency. There are two main materials used, glass and green acrylic glass plate. The standard ceiling system has been replaced by a durable and high quality expanded metal acoustic ceiling, the floor is gray rubber. The new interior of the BNA is colorless, users and visitors will find the office through clothing, books and accessories.